Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Point foreclosure home sold in 7 days

This Dienst built home on the golf course at The Point in Mooresville has sold for the 4th time. Prior sales were:
Nov 2001=$630,000
Dec 2003 = $655,000
Sept 2006 = $755,000
April 2010 = $560,000

This house was listed for $566,800 ands went pending in 7 days! It's tax value is $758,060. This home if not "fire-saled" by BofA probably would sell closer to it's Dec 2003 price if not a little higher which would be reflective of the Case-Schiller index numbers for Charlotte.

There are still some "deal" houses out there and there are more to come on the market that are currently bank owned but not listed, some of these properties you need to move fast as alot of us agents have clients waiting and ready to buy. You need to have an agent that truly has local knowledge and understands values in this market such as myself. Call or email me if you have questions.

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