Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fitchburg Court Mooresville

This home originally sold in May 2007 for $707,230 closed today at $575,000. It's listed as having 4359 square feet so it sold at $132 per sq foot via short sale. It's tax value is $788,730. Great deal for a buyer, not so good for the bank. There's only a handful of sales in The Point over the last 8 years that get to the low 130's p/s/f. It was originally listed as a for sale by owner at a price that didn't reflect the current market at the time and it didn't get the action it needed to sell. The longer the home sits the less valuable they seem to become. For the home sellers out there understand your market and be realistic with your pricing and your home, if it's marketed well, will sell. To the buyers we continue to show people some great properties at great prices and they won't be around forever. Let us and our expertise on valuation help you make good decisions.
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