Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Measures include increased law enforcement presence

CHARLOTTE – The N.C. Department of Transportation and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol are coordinating with local law enforcement and emergency responders to improve response times and reduce incidents along I-77 during the Brawley School Road widening project. Work is taking place between exits 33 (U.S. 21) and 36 (N.C. 150) in Mooresville.
Additional lane is being constructed in both directions. About one mile of concrete barrier has been placed on both sides of the interstate between the Brawley School Road interchange (Exit 35) to Exit 36 to allow crews to safely work behind.
The penalty for speeding in a work zone is $250.

Intermittent steps that have been taken include:

Increasing law enforcement presence in the work zone;

Securing additional portable signs to alert motorists of existing incidents in the work zone; and

Staging Incident Management Assistance Patrol vehicles in closer proximity to the work zone for a quicker response in the event of an accident.

Constructing temporary median crossovers for the State Highway Patrol and other emergency workers to use. Portions of guardrail at the project limits have been removed, and compacted stone will be placed in the median to allow emergency vehicle access.

Later this spring, additional crossovers will be constructed to provide further access for emergency personnel. These measures are expected to improve response times and incident clearance.

Construction began in November 2009 and is scheduled to be complete in July 2013.

Tips for staying safe if your car breaks down or you’re involved in an accident:

The Fender Bender law requires that vehicles involved in an accident and are still operational be moved, when possible, as far off the roadway until law enforcement arrives.

If possible, move the vehicles to the end of the barrier wall, out of the roadway.

If a vehicle becomes disabled where access to the shoulder is not possible, motorists should do the following:

Turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights;

Safely exit the vehicle to an area behind the barrier wall; and

Call *HP for assistance.

For more information on this project, please contact Resident Engineer John Cook at (704) 876-3543. Bookmark and Share

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