Monday, November 23, 2009

Beautiful Custom Home, elegant entry and dining area, with a warm heart for the whole family! $689,000 5 Beds 4 1/2 baths, exquisite upper master with fireplace sitting area and coffee bar. Cul-de-sac; level yard with room for a pool; design available for you to view. Come visit this home today.
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Home Resales Jump 10.1%
Home resales leaped up 10.1% in October, rising far more than expected as a fat tax credit offset fears about joblessness. WSJ.

Setting a Realistic Price on Your Home

Remember prices may not always reflect reality. Consider the sales that are around you, what is selling = what the market is willing to bear. In the end, the value of a home is the price a buyer is willing to pay. It's chance, circumstance and psychology as much as location, square footage and design that ultimately determine the price someone will pay.

Are the Holidays a Good Time to List Your Home?

Well in my opinion it is if you are a serious, committed seller. The reverse of this is that buyers out in the marketplace during this time are usually very serious - why else would they drag their families out during this busy season to look at homes??? Consider this - the inventory is low, your home looks beautiful and inviting, and did I mention the tax incentive for both First time and Second homeowners!!! Something to think about before you opt out of putting the for sale sign up! Bookmark and Share