Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For young boaters on Lake Norman

According to a new state law that goes into effect May 1, all boat operators 25 years old or younger on North Carolina waterways must pass a Wildlife Resources Commission boating safety class before heading onto the water. You can call the Mooresville Police Department for more information as they will be conducting a free class from 12:00pm - 6:00pm on May 8. Violators of this new bill will be issued a citation requiring a court appearance. Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Point Lake and Golf Club, The Harbour at the Point, The Farms sales stats

Here' a look at the big 3 communities down Brawley school Road with mean and median prices over the last 3 years. The Point Lake and Golf Club has the widest variances in prices therefore the median provides a bit more insight than the average which gets skewed. Bookmark and Share

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brawley School Road video

I was asked to do a video for a client coming down in a few months of what Brawley School Rd. is looking like so here's a 20 second look at it

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Brawley School Road traffic redirected

For those readers that are not living here yet we are now driving on the new road for a little bit and gives me a real look and feel of what the 4 lane road will look like with an estimated completion date July 2011. Bookmark and Share

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Luxury Homes sold statistics

Thru March 24, 2010 there have been 6 homes sold for more than 1 Million in Mooresville, Cornelius Davidson and considered part of the Lake Norman area.

Compared to same time frame:
2009 - 7 homes
2008 - 12 homes
2007 - 23 homes

Buyers continue to be selective as we are still working our way thru inventory with a lot to choose from. Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brawley Peninsula

Interesting home with 200' of deep water shoreline across from Governor's Island offered at $649,000.
Email or call me if you want to see it. Bookmark and Share

The Farms Community

The Farms, a very nice family oriented community on Brawley peninsula currently has 25 homes listed for sale with prices ranging from $479,000 - $736,000. The community offers a country feel with clubhouse, swimming pool with a community swim team for your children, a playground and tennis courts.

Year to date three homes have closed at $500k, $505k and $558k Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waterfront Homes for sale on Brawley Peninsula

If you are looking to move to the Lake Norman area, a waterfront home is where your search should at least start with as these lots will hold their value better. Here is a look at the number of waterfront homes around Brawley peninsula or also know as Brawley School Rd that are active listings. If you are moving from another area such as I did from New England you will quickly learn that not all water is created equal and that there are alot of cove lots that don't have nice views that create big price differences, but again starting with waterfront will give you a good sense of values.

under $500,000 - 10 homes
$500,000-$750,000 - 28 homes
$750,001 - $1,250,00 - 29 homes
$1,250,001 - $2,000,000 - 20 homes
$2,000,001 and higher - 11 homes Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deal!! Buy this house! $465,000 in The Point

For the buyers out there who want to buy deal houses look no further. Every "deal" house we alert our readers to sells very quickly so don't delay. email me if you want to see this house but don't wait too long.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Real Estate sales thru February 2010 on Brawley School Road

So far in 2010 thru the end of February we saw 18 homes sold vs. 17 homes in 2009. At the top end the price was $1,400,000 for a home in The Point Lake and Golf Club. This only includes sold's thru the carolina MLS service and only homes serviced by Lake Norman Elementary School and Woodland Heights Elementary School. So mostly homes in and around Brawley School Road and Brawley Peninsula. Bookmark and Share

New Park coming west of I-77 Mooresville

A contract was awarded last night by the Mooresville Board of Commissioners to T.K Browne Construction to build a park called Cornelius Road Park, which is on the west side of I-77 and north of Exit 36. There will be 2 new baseball fields, 6 tennis courts, 2 trails and some open space that may be developed for soccer one day. Work on this will start in the spring. Sure would be nice if we were to get a park off Brawley School Road. Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Competing with Puffery

While watching an interview with Harry Markopoulos on CNBC yesterday (the whistle blower in the Bernie Madoff case) his comments resonated with me. He was asked how did he first figure out Madoff was a scam, he replied and I'll paraphrase "my boss asked me to develop a product like his and it was impossible, it took me 4 hours to figure out his reported numbers were a lie and impossible to mathematically recreate so I learned he was a fraud and a liar I cannot compete if he has people believeing his lies."

In the real estate business I believe we have agents that may overstate the value of a house, get a listing and hope for the best, which usually means No Sale or very long times on the market with no activity or keep lowering the price and hopefully the customer will stay with the agent. This is just wasted precious time for the homeowners and wishful thinking. So to potential home sellers be aware of puffery by some agents. I'm not calling them liars but your home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it and a proper valuation is important as we continue to be in a "buyer's market" for the forseeable future. I'm in the process of recreating all the activity for the most active listings agents for the last few years in my area and to see the original ask price and it's eventual sale price, I wonder if there's a correlation to high listing activity and 1st asking price to eventual sale price being lower on average than agents with only a few listings. So be careful, it's hard competing with puffery and I want to tell you like it is, good, bad and honestly. Bookmark and Share