Monday, August 8, 2011

Brawley School Road update

got this report from a friend today:

I spoke with the DOT person responsible for the project this morning.  I was told Brawley School Road, the work on Williamson Road and the Brawley School Road/Williamson Road intersection back to Wendy’s will be complete and open on or around August 19th. The work on Morrison Plantation will take a little longer because it was added to the project late. 

Access to the school off Morrison will be available while that work gets finished.

Grass in the median is all we get unless the City of Mooresville or some other entity is willing to pay for some further landscaping.  There is no irrigation! The grass will be maintained by the DOT but not to lawn standards. The stone sections on the median at some intersections are for emergency vehicles only and will be marked as such.

The road will be cleaned up and thermo-plastic striping will be put down once the paving is complete. Traffic lights are being installed now. The DOT thanks you for your patience. It has been a difficult project particularly with the heavy traffic on Brawley that they needed to work around.  They sincerely hope the completion of this project will do a great deal to eliminate the congestion on Brawley and Williamson, particularly during peak usage! Bookmark and Share

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