Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brawley School Road update and coordinated traffic lights

again from a friend:
The DOT will end up spending somewhere between $75 and $80 million on this road upgrade. Included in this is a state-of-the-art Traffic Control System. All traffic lights are connected by fiber optic cable and will talk to one another through a ‘Time of Day Controller.’ Through a Master Server and a series of Subservient Servers (too technical for me), all traffic lights have equipment that will continually monitor the flow of traffic and will automatically adjust the timing of the traffic lights to keep traffic moving at the quickest pace possible, particularly during peak traffic periods (out in the morning and in, late afternoon).

The DOT has requested that drivers be a little patient at the intersection of Brawley School Road, Canvas Back and Oak Tree. There is a significant population down each of these adjacent roads that also needs to access Brawley School Road. The lights are programmed to handle the traffic at this intersection based upon timing studies and need. The lights will not be the problem; the amount of traffic flow from each direction at any given time will determine the timing of the lights.

The contractor on the I-77 side of Brawley has until November of 2013 to complete the road and the new Exit 35 on I-77. They are significantly ahead of schedule at this time. It is anticipated that the new Exit 35 will eliminate a lot of the traffic currently exiting onto Williamson Road from Exit 33. This upgrade will also ease congestion at the Brawley School Road/Williamson Road intersection.

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