Monday, September 20, 2010

Sales Comps of Mecklenburg County, Iredell County and Lake Norman Home Sales

Activity levels have been slow lately (and usually at the start of school year) so I took a look at past 30 day home sales in 3 areas and surprisingly in the Lake Norman area we are flat with last year's closings over the same time period of 63 homes. Mecklenburg County though reflects something different with sales off 39%. Iredell County is down 40% from last year. For buyers this is a great time as interest rates can't remain this low, don't let that waterfront trade up slip away All the monetary stimulus will lead to inflation eventually, higher inflation leads to higher interest rates....... for sellers you won't get your 2007 price but you will get the chance to make it back on the new purchase. What will appreciate more in the coming years waterfront or interior lots? You make the call. There are homes available today that sell for alot less than replacement cost, take advantage of it.
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