Saturday, September 18, 2010

Donald Trump and The Point Lake and Golf Club

The buzz with the golf members here is the Trump Golf organization buying The Point would be a great thing for the club. I hear Trump was impressed with the golf course when he viewed it last week. Members believe it would add value to their homes. What changes could we see if Trump buys The Point Club some thoughts are painting the buildings white like his other courses, maybe bring in a golf course designer like Tom Fazio to lengthen the course to 7600 yards, how about the sales office becoming the pro shop, great location! The tavern becoming the mens lounge, how about the turn shack between holes 1 and 10, that would make sense. In any event the changes Trump could make would add to this already outstanding facility and golf course. If you are looking to buy a home in The Point the current $42,500 full equity membership that might be attached with the home is a great deal. I would expect the membership fee to rise substantially as all of Trumps other golf courses are ultra exclusive and with reciprocity with the other courses, we look forward to playing these other Trump trophy properties. Let's hope we can get this deal done. My hubby Peter, one of the clubs better golfers enjoys entertaining potential customers with a round of golf. Bookmark and Share

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  1. No Thanks...I will not vote to sell a profitable club for pennies on the dollar. Trump can keep his money. And p.s., we lose control and ownership. I enjoy the low cost of living at The Pointe--a sell to an outside developer will turn our neighborhood into Hotels, Condos, Increase assessments, higher property taxes, outside traffic clogging our streets, playing golf drunk, and diminishing our treasure.