Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home sales activity in The Point

Things are still a little slower than last year in terms of homes closing as we've seen 3 year to date through yesterday vs 7 last year just looking at The Point's home sales. Hope things pick up!!

Yesterday I closed on a home that I brought the buyers to located outside the Point, what a great house and a great deal I got for my buyer who is moving here from out of state. Congratulations!! Currently I am working on 2 other contracts. I have quite a few buyers but the buyers are smart and they know it is a buyers market and they aren't overpaying.

To the sellers if you price your house right and it's clean and shows well, it will sell. Your listing agent gets it on the MLS system and then it automatically feeds to other websites. Essentially the listing agent just unlocks the door to a home for sale. A buyers agent,  in 90% and more of the cases will bring the buyer. If you overprice it in this market you're just fooling yourself. Pricing it right means to do your research on what similar houses have sold for not what they list for and to think outside of your emotion and to think like a buyer of your home and what would you really pay after you've done your homework. What did you originally pay and what has the local housing market done over the same time frame, this is easy research for us. We understand housing and land values and realistically it's the land that holds the value and appreciates as the home itself either depreciates or can only rise relative to new building costs etc., especially in an area where there is alot of land available for sale.

 Don't be lulled by the listing agents presentation and the high price you'll be able to sell your house for because they have the buyers.......if they had the buyers they would sell the inventory of homes they already have. Hmm!! Bookmark and Share

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