Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Americas Dreams Park in Mooresville update

Expected the summer of 2012 Americas Dreams Park in Mooresville is expected to be the largest baseball park in the country. I'm hoping Ranken Hill Road gets paved soon so construction can start. Here are some highlights from last months Iredell Public Hearing on this issue:

Consideration of a Request to Seek Road Improvements for SR 1311 – Rankin Hill
Road: Assistant County Manager Ron Smith said America’s Dream Park, a youth baseball
facility, had purchased 170 acres off of the Rankin Hill Road. He said that due to the project’s
positive economic impact an effort was being made to seek assistance from the NC Department
of Transportation in moving the graveled roadway up on the 2010-11 Secondary Roads Paving
Program. Smith said the state required that a public hearing be held for this type of request
along with the adoption of a resolution.Robby Carney, the Interim Executive Director of the Mooresville-South IredellEconomic Development Corporation, said the retail, hospitality, and service industries had suffered through the economic slowdown, and the America’s Dream Park project would provide a positive impact. He said 80,000+ visitors were anticipated, per year, with the usage of 100,000 bed nights in area hotels. Carney said 20 full-time workers would be employed at the park along with 500 part-time employees. He said the property tax impact alone would be $70,000 a year
for the county, and the sales tax revenue was estimated at $300,000. Carney said the park was
proposed to open during the summer of 2012.
WHEREAS, America’s Dream Park LLC has purchased 170 acres of land off of SR-1311 Rankin
Hill Road in Mooresville, North Carolina, to build a youth baseball facility; and WHEREAS, this youth baseball facility will be the largest complex of this type in the United States, and WHEREAS, area businesses, hotels and motels, restaurants, and other food service industries, will greatly benefit as it is estimated that over $80 million a year will be generated by the youth baseball complex; and
WHEREAS, it is estimated that 80,000 players, coaches and family members will travel each year
on SR-1311 - Rankin Hill Road during the summer months to participate or attend events at the
America’s Dream Park; and WHEREAS, SR-1311 - Rankin Hill Road is a partially unpaved gravel roadway that serves as a connector between Cornelius Road to the south and Fern Hill road to the north; and WHEREAS, there are concerns that SR-1311 – Rankin Hill Road, in its present condition, will have a detrimental effect not only on properties neighboring the park site, but to the area as a whole in the form of traffic congestion. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Iredell County Board of Commissioners requests the North Carolina Board of Transportation to move SR-1311 – Rankin Hill Road up on the priority road paving list and for it to be included in the 2010-11 Secondary Roads Paving Program due to the significant economic importance of the America’s Dream Park Project.

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  1. if someone is interested in applying for a job at the new ball park, how can they go about doing this?