Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Charlotte Housing Market May 2011

Thought I would make a quick observation about our local housing market Charlotte, NC. These are the numbers from CMLS system for total homes sold for the month of May over the last 4 years:

2011 - 1638 homes sold
2010 - 2150
2009 - 1668
2008 - 2445

So the market activity is down 24% from last year and even to slightly lower than May 2009 when the economy was just past the brink of collapse and the Dow Jones had just touched under 7000. With lower activity comes lower prices. If you are a seller needing to sell, be realistic. If you are a seller hanging on to a price thats unrealistic then you are helping someone else sell their house as your's gets used as a reference and makes another house price more appealing. Bookmark and Share

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