Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News on the Increased Traffic on Brawley School Road!!

Here is a quote from Natalie Kelly, Asst. VP for Brawley Middle School

"Here is todays data: Six buses arrived to school late. To avoid loss of instruction time, we used our new Late Bus schedule which adds time to first period.
Of the 940 Brawley students scheduled to be bus rider, 720 rode the bus.We had 169 car riders and 116 of these live in The Point area.

If we combined Woodland Heights and Brawley car rider data, the total for today is 538 car riders. These car riders created a Jam Density of 1.6 miles on Brawley School Road.

In on another words, if we line-up these cars bumper to bumper, this line stretched 1.6 miles. To quote James Lovell, Houston, we have a problem here. Fortunately, our problem is not life threatening like Apollo 13, but the huge concern for everyone is student learning and to do this we have to get our students to school on time.

The DOT engineer has confirmed the problem is not the traffic light timing. It is not construction. The problem is the recent increased in the volume traffic. Remember, there are 30,000 cars per day that travel this road."

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